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2019 Awards & Recognitions


ERC Advanced Grant

  • Tobias J. Kippenberg

ERC Consolidator Grant

  • Tobias Schneider

ERC Proof of Concept Grant

  • Fabien Sorin
  • Hatice Altug
  • Camille-Sophie Brès
  • Bruno Correia
  • Tobias Kippenberg
  • Selman Sakar
  • Andras Kis

Singergia Grant

  • Dominique Pioletti
  • Nikolaos Stergiopulos


IBM Faculty Award

  • Nicola Marzari

Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching

  • Dominique Pioletti

IEEE Best Transactions of Electromagnetic Compatibility Award Paper:

  • Mario Paolone

Multimedia Star Innovation Award IEEE

  • Touradj Ebrahimi Electrical and Electronics Engineerings)


IEEE Fellows 2020

  • Aude Billard
  • Touradj Ebrahimi
  • Auke Ijspeert
  • Dimitri Van de Ville

Listed as Highly cited researchers

  • Chritophe Ballif
  • Andras Kis
  • Tobias J. Kippenberg
  • Nicola Marzari
  • Ali H. Sayed

Motohisa Kanda Award for most cited paper of the IEEE Transactions on EMC in the past 5 years:

  • Nicolas Mora and Farhad Rachidi (Electrical Engineering)

The Materials Chemistry Emergent Investigators

  • Maartje Bastings


  • Elected vice-president of the Society of Engineering Science (SES): Pedro Reis (mechanical)
  • Elected as Fellow of the American Physical Society: François Gallaire (Mechanical)
  • Elected in the Academia Europeae: Francesco Stellacci (Institute of Materials)
  • Honorary doctoral degree from McMaster University: Nucgek Rappaz (Institute of Materials)
  • List of Innovators under 35 for China: Li Tang


  • CENTRALP Award: Jonathan Cotter
  • EDEE best Doctoral Thesis Award: Daniela Zöller (Electrical Engineering)
  • Best Student Paper award at IEEE Conference ITSC 19: Ezequiel Gonzalez Debada  (Electrical Engineering)
  • Best Poster Award at IROS 19: Frédéric Giraud (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Grand Prize of iGEM Competition: EPFL’s student Bioengineering team
  • Best Paper Award at IEEE Sensors Conference: Francesca Criscuolo