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Altering the properties of 2D materials at the nanometer scale

A link between sensory neurons activation and the immune system

An acoustically actuated microscopic device

Transistor-integrated cooling for a more powerful chip

Restless nature of human spinal cord, non-invasive imaging reveals

Artificial intelligence explains hydrogen’s behavior on giant planets

Using air to amplify light

Deep learning and metamaterials make the invisible visible

Using viscous metals in micro fibers

Technology that makes it feel like you’re touching virtual objects

Using brain imaging to pierce the mystery of human behavior

Using artificial intelligence to enhance complex systems

Shaking light with sound

Researchers cut nanometer-sized patterns into 2D materials

Multicolor super-resolution imaging made easy

A surprising quantum effect observed in a “large” object

Watching single protons moving at water-solid interfaces

Speeding up long-range coherent LiDAR

Transistor sets a new standard for energy efficiency

Photonic microwave generation using on-chip optical frequency combs

Controlled genome editing moves a step closer

Bringing magnetic resonance to fertility treatment

A nanoscale device that can see through walls

Scientists finally confirm a 50-year-old theory in mechanics

Personalized cancer vaccines

A novel formulation to explain heat propagation

Designing an emergency stop switch for immunotherapies

Unique new antiviral treatment made using sugar

Portable device helps doctors diagnose sepsis faster

Lighting the way to infrared detection

Microcomb-injected pulsed lasers as variable microwave gears

Gold nanoparticles uncover amyloid fibrils

Next-generation computer chip with two heads

New fiber optic sensors transmit data up to 100 times faster

New process narrows the gap between natural and synthetic materials

New cancer-fighting method leverages the mechanical force of T cells

New synthetic molecule can kill the flu virus

The first endovascular technology that can explore capillaries

Harnessing the moiré effect to make transparent images

Introducing the light-operated hard drives of tomorrow